Best Beach In Croatia? – Oprna Bay, Island Of Krk

Hard to get to, easy to love. Oprna Bay is a wild beach on the Island of Krk in Croatia. Maybe it’s hard to get to the beach, but you would love every moment spent there. Hidden far from residential area and traffic noise, this beach can offer you everything what you need if you want to relax. Calm waters make it a perfect place for divers.

What makes Oprna Bay one of the calmest places in the Croatia is it’s narrow path which takes you down the slope to the beach. Many people quit when they see that challenging path, not knowing what they are going to miss. Oprna Bay is only 120 meters wide, but it offers clearest waters and unpolluted environments.

Oprna bay have only one bar and there are no shops anywhere near, so anything you need on the beach, you have to carry it with yourself.

If you want to relax, connect with the nature and get away from daily stress, than Oprna Bay is the place that can offer you what you need.

Which places near Oprna Bay are worth visiting?

Vela Plaža, Baška

It is 1800 wide and have anything you need. Jet ski, parasailing, bicycle or scooter renting, a lot of restaurants and bars. There are also platforms in the middle of sea build for everyone who loves to jump from the height of around 3 meters. Only bad thing about this beach is that it is overcrowded.

Vela Plaža, Baška


If you love ancient places, you should visit Town of Krk. It’s one of the oldest cities at adriatic sea coast.

Draga Bašćanska, Saint-Lucia’s Church

this church from medieval period contains one of the oldest monuments of Croatian history, The Baška Tablet. That monument is written in Glagolitic script, which is today a trademark of Baška. Also you can see a lot of Glagolitic letter sculptures all around the village.


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    1. Well there is alot to see to put everythin in couple of hours, you can walk along old city walls(to walk the whole circle you need around 2 hours), you can take a ride in a cable car which will take you to the top of the mountain srđ and it will give you the best possible view on the city, also you can spend some time on the banja beach. Also there is awesome cliff bar which you should visit in the evening. If you are fan of Game Of Thrones there are city tours which take you to filming locations. Whatever you do in Dubrovnik you will have a best time. Hope that you will enjoy on the cruise. 🙂

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