5 Things On My Travel Bucket List

Do you ever sit on your computer, scroll through your social media and then stumleupon a picture of remarkable place for which you say “I must go there one day”? That happens to me a lot. There is a bunch of places which I put on my bucket list saying those words, but in this post we will talk about 5 places from the top of my list.

This bucket list includes hiking in Peru, skiing in France, driving in United States and others, so lets begin with the one which could be realized this winter.

1. Flaine, French Alps

I am not a good skier, but I would love to go on the longest blue run in the Europe(Piste des Cascades or Cascades run). It is 14 kilometers long and vertical drop of 1700 meters. Flaine is a part of Grand Massif ski resort which is a combination of Massif and Flaine. I picked this place because it offers a run without seeing a lot of the facilities and you can connect with nature.

Piste des Cascades have zero lifts on the way to the bottom of the track which will surely boost your adrenaline just by knowing that fact. I hope that this winter I will have a chance to descend down that slope.

2. Great Barrier Reef, Australia

I have never been scuba diving and I hope that I will have a chance to scuba dive on the biggest corral reef system. Imagine seeing so much different types of fish and corals. All those different colors must be fascinating to see. Great Barrier Reef is suitable for everybody, beginners and experts in scuba diving.

6 out of 7 marine turtles live in the Great Barrier Reef. Some of them can be more than 2 meters long. Imagine seeing one of those huge fellas. Or, imagine if you see a shark. Would you be terrified?

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

3. Route 66, United States

From Chicago to Santa Monica, one of the most popular roads in the world, Route 66. Imagine driving in Mustang ’67 on that road while the radio is playing songs from the 70s and 80s.

As a European I feel that this is more like a dream than a thing that should be on my bucket list. Finding time and money for that experience seems like impossible mission, but I will keep it on a list for a while, who knows where a life is going to take me.

Route 66, USA

4.Amalfi Coast, Italy

Who loves good food and wine? Everyone does. Except good food and vine, restaurants on Amalfi Coast will give you incredible view. Just imagine having a dinner in one of those restaurants.

Also there are plenty of pebble and sand beaches which are worth visiting. Weather there is perfect for getting that summer tan and swimming in crystal clear water.

5.Machu Picchu, Peru

The architecture, the sights, the history. What is more interesting? Do you know that it was discovered in 1911? That is pretty late.

If you heard the rumors that the place is going to be closed soon, don’t belive in it, you still have a time to see Machu Picchu. There is possibility that it will be closed, but not soon.

Machu Picchu, Peru

If you would like me to write my next 5 travel bucket list places, leave a comment below.

If you have your own travel bucket list you and want to add some new places check my recent post Oprna Bay, Croatia .

I Hope that you enjoyed in this list,


22 thoughts on “5 Things On My Travel Bucket List

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    1. Yeah it’s remarkable place, but I picked Machu Picchu because of the 4 day experience of hiking to it. I feel like going to Machu Picchu would be greater achievement and that is the reason why i placed it on my list over Angkor Wat(which as a Wonder of the World should be on every traveler bucket list).🙂

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  1. Beautiful post and thank you for this information. I’ve been on Route 66 but I’ve not had the pleasure of visiting the other places – maybe someday! Thank you for following BrewNSpew.

    Liked by 1 person

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