4 Best Countries For Nature Lovers

Do you like nature and everything it offers? A lot of photographs love to take pictures of mountains, rivers, woods, coasts and bunch of other nature beauties. If you are one of those persons who love to be in nature and to be a part of it, here comes 5 best Countries(by my opinion) for you.

1. Brazil

From 340 meters high waterfall to the pools in the cave, from the sand dune lagoons to Amazon rainforest. It offers something for everyone. It might be very dangerous country, but it is also county which can offer you most in the aspect of nature.


One of the biggest city in Brazil, Rio De Janeiro, preserved its natural beauties, even though it have the population of more than 6 million people. Rio De Janeiro also have the most beautiful beaches(everyone heard about Copacabana) and incredible view on Sugarloaf Mountain.

2.British Virgin Islands

Many people would say summer paradise, or maybe heaven of white sand. There is not a lot to say about British Virgin Island. Sea, sand and trees. If you like to walk on beaches and discover more than 50 islands there is water taxi which can take you anywhere you want on British Virgin Island.


The island is ringed by a reef which make it a perfect spot for diving and snorkeling in turquoise crystal clear water. The Baths, a geological wonder on the north shore made up of giant boulders that form sheltered sea pools on the beach’s edge, perfect for relaxing.

3. Norway

Norway might be cold, but have so many breathtaking views that cold won’t bother you. There are 1190 fjords which extended Norway’s coastline to 29000 kilometers. Which fjord would you pick? Would you discover them by hiking, or maybe by kayaking? There is a lot of different combinations which will make your experience unique.


Why should you go to Northern Norway between October and March? Because best chance to see Northern lights, most beautiful nature phenomenon, is during that time.

4. Bhutan

Placed in between india and china, filled with mountains and untouched nature. It might be one of the less visited countries on Earth, but it can give you more nature beauties than other countries. With rich wildlife and unbelievable views of the Himalayas, Bhutan was isolated from rest of the World for a long time, which might be a reason for the unpopularity of the country.

Bhutanese population and government work hard to preserve nature around them and that makes a Bhutan a dream country for every Nature lover. Once you go there, you will understand that humans in the First World countries can do a lot more to keep the nature untouched but we don’t. They know what they have and don’t want to lose it.

There is a lot of beautiful countries with beautiful nature. With which country would you extend this list? Maybe some African Countries should be number 5.


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